Training & Education

Strengthening Judicial Capacities

The Association cooperated with CLDP and the Center for Education of Judges and Prosecutors of FBiH in 2015 to organize a training and workshop for judges on the international commercial arbitration. The goal was to provide judges with an understanding what arbitration is, and what are the powers and roles of the national courts in relation to the arbitration proceeding. The ultimate goal was to increase awareness and sensibility of judges towards arbitration.

As a continuation of this initiative, the Association cooperated with the High Judicial and Prosecutors Council in BiH (HJPC) in order to gain access to all arbitration-related case law of courts in BiH. The project particularly focused on providing an in-depth analysis of judgments and decisions made in arbitration-related court disputes. The relevant methodology and the results of the research are presented in the reports available in BSC (Izvjestaj sudske prakse vezane za arbitrazu u BiH) and English (Analysis of the Arbitration-Related Court Decisions in BiH).

The project has been successfully completed. The HJCP approved the majority of the Association’s short-term and long-term recommendations. The Association is currently working on preparing a set of training for BiH judges and on an initiative for a  continuous update of the collection of the relevant case law.

The Association will continue to take initiatives to foster the cooperation with the HJCP to achieve the common goal of strengthening the judicial capacities regarding international commercial arbitration in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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