The aim of the capacity building activities for the judiciary is to enable the seamless functioning of the arbitration system in Bosnia and Herzegovina, by providing the judges training on the role of the courts in connection to arbitral proceedings. Although the arbitration system is independent from the national judiciary, the courts can play an important supportive role during the proceedings, and they can be approached at the set-aside or enforcement stage. Therefore, a judiciary which is familiar with the proper functioning of arbitral proceedings is one of the main features of an arbitration-friendly jurisdiction. A modern arbitration system will ultimately contribute to the strengthening of the rule of law and it will relieve the backlog of cases in the judiciary.

The two main forms of capacity building and support the Association ARBITRI provides the judiciary in Bosnia and Herzegovina are:

  1. Online and in person trainings on arbitration for the competent judicial officers, in collaboration with the Centers for the Education and Training of Judges and Prosecutors in BiH and the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council BiH.
  2. Conducting analysis for domestic institutions and international organizations on the legal framework and judicial practice related to arbitration.