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We are dedicated to ensuring that the relevant stakeholders in the legal and business community are informed about the intricacies and benefits of a robust system of arbitration, as well as other ADR mechanisms. Our activities aim to provide training and education on the applicable domestic and international laws and rules governing arbitration and the emerging best practices from the region and the rest of the world. Therefore, we regularly conduct activities aimed at raising awareness on ADR in general and arbitration in particular in order to promote the development of a modern ADR system in Bosnia and Herzegovina. To this end, we continuously work with the existing and future legal practitioners to build their capacities in the field of international arbitration. Thus far, we have provided trainings and webinars on various aspects of ADR and arbitration for over 100 participants from leading companies and law firms in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Intersection of International Arbitration

Association ARBITRI is proud and excited to welcome

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Seventh Sarajevo Arbitration Day

Association ARBITRI is happy to announce the Seventh

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Sixth Sarajevo Arbitration Day

The Sixth Sarajevo Arbitration Day, the most important

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Fifth Sarajevo Arbitration Day

The Fifth Sarajevo Arbitration Day, a significant milestone

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Fourth Sarajevo Arbitration Day

The Association ARBITRI hosted its fourth annual arbitration

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Third Sarajevo Arbitration Day

The Association ARBITRI hosted itsĀ thirdĀ annual arbitration conference on

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Second Sarajevo Arbitration Day

Association ARBITRI, in cooperation with the Commercial Law

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First Sarajevo Arbitration Day

The first Sarajevo Arbitration Day held on 28

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Sarajevo Arbitration Day

In 2015, the Association launched the first international

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