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Sarajevo Arbitration Day

In 2015, the Association launched the first international arbitration conference. The goal of the conference is (i) raising awareness on the use of commercial and investment arbitration in the business practice in BiH, and (ii) creating a network of international, regional and national experts and business representatives. This is the only conference of this type, targeted at the legal and business community in BiH. Each year, the conference mobilizes experts from the U.S., Western Europe and the Balkan region to discuss best practices to representatives of public and private companies from BiH. In 2018, the Fourth Sarajevo Arbitration Day welcomed 100 participants from various industry sectors in BiH (e.g., energy, infrastructure and construction industry). The conference partners include leading international and national law firms (Baker McKenzie, Wolf Theiss, Andreas Reiner and Partners, Marić & Co., Stevanović Law Firm, and Sudžuka & Co.), arbitration institutions (Ljubljana Arbitration Center and BiH Arbitration Court), as well as Foreign Investors Council (FIC) and German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ).

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