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ISDS Reform & UNCITRAL WG III – Investment Arbitration Webinar Series

The investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) system has been at the forefront of vigorous discussions among academics, arbitration practitioners, policy makers and international development organizations alike. The proliferation of investor claims brought before international arbitral tribunals over the past decade has brought to light a number of concerns with ISDS, that some stakeholders (particularly states) perceived as a threat to the legitimacy of the proceedings and the resulting awards. In an effort to identify and address these issues, UNCITRAL has mandated its Working Group III with the task to provide a platform for a consensus-driven and state-lead dialogue on possible ISDS reform.

Out of the numerous potential areas of intervention submitted by the delegations participating in the Working Group III, the following four concerns were selected as the highest priority for reform: cost and duration, independence and impartiality of the decision-makers, consistency and coherence of the awards and third-party funding.

On the heels of the 42nd session of the Working Group III that was recently concluded in New York, we are delighted to welcome Ms Samira Sulejmanović, Head of Department for Bilateral Trade Relations, Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of B&H, who will speak to us about the progress being made, the direction taken in the proposed reform options and the implication of the global reform for BiH and other countries aspiring towards EU membership.

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